Tkay Maidza Takes The Crown On ‘Carry On’ With Killer Mike


Tkay Maidza has announced all the things this morning, revealing her debut album TKAY is due for release on 28th October, dropping tour dates and unleashing Carry On with none other than Killer Mike.

Carry On is a slamming, triumphant tune that sees Tkay more focussed and ferocious than ever before. The addition of Killer Mike is a perfect addition to continue her international takeover, particularly as he once called her “the biggest rising star”.

It’s her first new drop since Do It Right with Martin Solveig earlier this year but it’s definitely worth the wait.

We’re now hanging out for her debut album which we don’t know much about yet except for that she’s got a song with What So Not on there.

Get ’em Tkay. Get ’em.


TKAY Album Cover:
unnamed (7)



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