You Can Now Stream GFOTY’s New Album ‘C.H.A.D’


PC Music songstress GFOTY (that’s Girlfriend Of The Year for the uninitiated) has dropped a mixtape/album sort of deal titled C.H.A.D.

The album has been released as one 20-minute mix, but contains nine tracks – although some of which are much less than a minute in length.

Sifting through the necessary PC Music weirdness there are some absolute gems in there, including the joyous Mr. E, the glitchy, dissonant guitar-driven LemsipCall Him A Doctor and Heaven.

C.H.A.D features Johnny on lead guitar, bass and backing vocals, while predictably it the record was mixed by PC Music leader A. G. Cook.

It’s the most instrumental-based release we’ve head from GFOTY and possibly from the entire PC Music crew to date, and possibly the best thing about the release is this intentionally dysfunctional early internet-style website with all the lyrics and song credits for the album.



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