Golden Vessel Links Up With Woodes For Dreamy Track ‘Vines’


Looking back at the tracklist of Brisbane producer Golden Vessel‘s 2016 debut EP Before Sleep, one would say he has done a mighty fine job recruiting for collaborations. Even though Before Sleep is only 6 tracks long, it’s packed with some of most exciting names in Australian music.

From the LASTLINGS, Abraham Tilbury, MTNS and OKBADLANDS, it’s a pretty mouthwatering roster if you’re Australian music buffs likes us. But one track from the EP really has us talking, as today his collaboration with Melbourne singer/songwriter Woodes has been released. They have linked up for the EP’s opener Vines and boy is it an exquisite listen. Woodes’ heavenly voice is layered on top of an absolute dreamy and woozy sound design, crafted perfectly by Golden Vessel.



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