This Isn’t A False Alarm, The Weeknd Is Launching A Pop-Up Store In Melbourne This Weekend


That’s right, this isn’t a false alarm (see what we did there) earlier this morning we got news that The Weeknd is launching a bunch of pop-up stores worldwide and once again Australia is lucky enough to get in on the action with Melbourne announced as a location.

Melbourne’s location has been revealed as Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, with Tokyo, Berlin and Toronto also getting stores.


The Weeknd’s pop-up stores are marking the forthcoming release of his next album Starboy which is due to drop conveniently the same day November 25th. To get a preview of what you might be snapping up merch wise, here is a link of The Weeknd’s merchandise range.

If the success and craziness of pop-ups in 2016 has taught us anything (cc: Kanye’s Pablo Pop-Ups) it’s that you better get your shit together and head down early.



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