City Spotlight: Stockholm, Sweden

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/01/2014


City spotlight is a new bi-weekly feature where the interns go behind a particular city looking to uncover its musical trends and cool hangs.  This week we’re taking a trip to the pop kingdom of Stockholm, Sweden. 

It’s common knowledge that Sweden is a purveyor of all things perfect. Known for ABBA, meatballs and Ikea, predominantly, Sweden and in particular its capital city has become almost a metaphorical pleasantville. Behind the beautiful harbour and historic buildings, there’s a music scene that has gone from strength-to-strength in the passed decade. It’s trademark genre is undoubtedly pop with artists like Robyn, Fever Ray and Lykke Li all hailing from the country. What’s most impressive is that the Swedish mainstream is largely accepting of a more left-of-centre brand of pop. As such, Stockholm is playing host to a number of up and coming pop and electronic artists, with well-curated record labels and interesting venues with more to offer than most cities. Take a trip with us through Stockholm, as we take a look at the most exciting venues, artists and record labels in the city of Stockholm right now.

Click below to explore the various facets of Stockholm’s music scene. 

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