Beyoncé Will Never Stop Surprising, Drops ‘Formation’ Out Of The Blue

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/07/2016

Before there was Rihanna, before there was U2, before there was Drake, there was Beyoncé – the original Queen of surprises. She literally dropped an album out of nowhere back in 2013 and sent the world into meltdown but it seems she’s not done pulling things out of her hat. Because Bey is working everyday, she’s decided to go right ahead and drop a song on a Sunday morning (Aus time) pulling us out of bed. TBH, we wouldn’t get out of bed for anyone but Beyoncé but here we are, out of bed, writing about her new track Formation.

Formation was produced by Mike Will Made It and is maybe the hardest we’ve ever seen her go. There’s iconic quote after iconic quote and just incase you thought it would be a good idea to go and turn them into a sweatshirt on Etsy she’s gone and done it before you. It’s also come complete with a video shot in New Orleans which sees her on the top of a sinking cop car and also just casually hanging out the side of a moving car. Blue Ivy is also in the clip.