Rating Everthing: Andre 3000, Justin Timberlake, The Australian iTunes Charts And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/29/2016


Giving things that really don’t need a rating out of 5, a rating out of 5.

Andre 3000 Doing Everything

There has been a long period where Andre 3000 was doing nothing, so of course we’re going to rate him highly for doing everything. By everything we mean the former Outkast member has been holed-up in the studio with not only Kaytranada but also Kid Cudi. That’s on top of appearing on both Travis Scott and Frank Ocean’s albums this year with pretty massive features. If he’s not going to release his own album then maybe he can release an album of songs he features on. That will get him top marks.

Solange, Danny Brown & Francis And The Lights Having Zero Disregard For People’s Plans

Usually we would mark people down for having zero disregard for our plans but in this case we’re happy. Over the weekend Francis & The Lights dropped his record spontaneously over the weekend, Danny Brown unveiled Atrocity Exhibition three days early today and Solange just announced today that she’s going to pop an album A Seat At The Table out on Friday. The best thing about 2016 is that one week you can have nothing and the next week you can have a Beyoncé album. Keep disregarding our plans 2016, we weren’t busy anyway.


Justin Timberlake’s Trailer For His Netflix Concert

What happened Justin? Where did it all go wrong? Was it the second part of The 20/20 Experience? Was it Can’t Stop The Feeling? Or was it your ill-fated response to Jesse Williams’ Black Lives Matter speech at the BET Awards? It hasn’t been a good year for the once super-smooth JT and now he’s going to top it off with some glossy, over-the-top concert film that’s about as corny as a Zumba DVD. Ps. anyone who says, “you’re invited,” needs to be left on earth when we all go live on Mars ‘cos we can’t survive here anymore.

Travis Scott At Listen Out

By all reports Travis Scott tore apart his sideshow in Melbourne last night but oh my, Listen Out was a mess. Scott really failed to turn up at all at the beginning, delivering a disjointed set that felt like it could all go wrong at any point. He seemed aggressive and aggravated by the crowd and when he did have triumphant moment like Pick Up The Phone, they were sliced in half. Given he followed A$AP Ferg who delivered a pretty flawless set moments before, his paled in comparison. One of the biggest names in hip-hop, somewhat deservedly, but this was too full of flaws to be enjoyable.

This photo by our very own Dylan Pupavac is very good though so here’s that:

This Pitchfork Review Of AlunaGeorge’s I Remember

We’re a bit confused because we gave it a 9 but Pitchfork only gave it a 6.6 and we don’t understand how we got it so wrong. I mean, frankly we’re quite embarrassed. We obviously enjoyed it too much and didn’t take the time to really ask ourselves, “is it good?” Sorry everyone, we’ve let you down by wildly allocating scores to albums.

The Australian iTunes Chart Right Now

Australia, you’re in big trouble this week. Firstly, the man sitting atop the charts with a soppy ballad James Arthur is on record saying homophobic things and has spent a good three years being an awful human being. Secondly, you’re rewarding a cover of the greatest pop song of all time with more accolades than the said greatest pop song of all time ever got. Thirdly, you’ve included two songs from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, both of which sound very familiar to sanding aluminium. Credit where credits due, the Ariana and Sia songs are very good. So, well done.

Also, if the price doesn’t come up and it says, ‘Play’ instead does that mean I’ve bought the song? Because if so, I’ve bought The Chainsmoker and Halsey’s Closer which is a real shame.