Lisa Mitchell: In Bed On A Lazy Weekend

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/10/2016

This Friday, Aussie indie darling Lisa Mitchell will release her third album Warriors. It’s been four years since her last album Bless This Mess and Warriors is a welcome return for that warm, raw voice.

While she’s retained those delectable elements that we’re all in love with, there’s a subtle electronic tone to this album that only adds to her honey-soaked tones. It’s a comforting, nostalgic and embracing record that’s likely to soundtrack plenty a lazy day.

With that in mind, we asked Mitchell to put together her perfect lazy soundtrack and she’s done an A+ job adding Sade, Bree Tranter, Ben Howard and plenty more legends. Listen to the playlist below and also check out the gorgeous gallery of Lisa chillin’ in what looks like the comfiest bed ever.

Small Things – Ben Howard

This song is so beautiful, makes me slow down… Perfect for a lazy weekend… I saw Ben play a few years ago in Sydney and just adored this whole thing, made my heart go ‘yes, yes!’ Then I met him backstage and he was like, ‘wait, are you Lisa? I supported you like 5 years ago in the UK!’ (Oops! My bad.)

She woke at three with a thumping heart: she had dreamed once more of the night they met. (19th of May, 1928, Chateau de Chaalis, Seine-et-Marne) – Grand Salvo

I lived a few doors down from Paddy (Grand Salvo) in Melbourne for a few years. He does everything himself, all the recording and most of the playing. He just quietly does his own thing in a noisy world; I find him the perfect way to set the tone for a relaxed weekend… 🙂

Adelphi Apartments – Tiny Ruins

Eep! She turns me into a puddle on the floor. Happy melting!

Tuesday Fresh Cuts – Bree Tranter

I could just play this whole album all of all the time… What a woman… 🙂

Almost Blue – Chet Baker

Mnnn… A little slow slow jazz never hurt no one… 🙂

La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf

Let’s keep the old world alive, let’s go further back to Paris in the ‘20s, baby! Edith has a way of warming the soul, and walking you down the Seine…

No Ordinary Love – Sade

Sade has one of those voices, like soul medicine… Healing vibes all the way…

Morning Light – Georgia Fair

Beautiful Australian honey for your ears…

Clouds & Rain – BUOY

This is a new jam that BUOY released not long ago… It stops me in my tracks as soon as it begins…

Chan Chan – Buena Vista Social Club

A little foot-tappin’, shoulder-shaken’ to get you in the mood for wherever your weekend takes you… 🙂 x

And we’re gonna take the liberty of adding Lisa Mitchell’s The Boys to the mix.