Yee Haw! Watch Beyoncé Perform ‘Daddy Lessons’ With The Dixie Chicks

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/03/2016


The Dixie Chicks haven’t been much of a thing in Australia for a while. Not since their huge song Not Ready To Make Nice but now it looks like they’re on the comeback trail.

They’re touring Australia next April and if you want a little preview of what it’s going to sound like here you are. Well, not really because Beyoncé won’t be there but anyway.

To the point, Beyoncé took over the Country Music Awards in the US to perform Daddy Lessons, her barnyard stomper from Lemonade, and the Dixie Chicks joint her and even if you hate country music you’ll probably love this.

Let’s be honest, Beyoncé could play a Star Trek convention and win over everyone so it’s hardly surprising that this is great.

Watch below and, if you haven’t heard/seen Lemonade yet, see yourself out.

Update: They’ve recorded a studio version together and you can download it for free here.

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