Premiere: Lonelyspeck Delivers Lush, Velvety Textures On ‘All My Skin’

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/04/2016


It should be no surprise to you now that Adelaide is a goldmine of musical talent. Tkay, Feki and Flamingo are all from the city of churches and now we can add another immense talent to that list – Lonelyspeck.

Lonelyspeck is making beautiful, genre-bending pop music and we’re thrilled to be premiering their latest drop All My Skin.

All My Skin is a slow-building, intricate track that bubbles away in your headphones with each listen revealing a different layer. It’s hard to position exactly where it sits on the musical spectrum which is a great thing that probably explains why it feels so fresh.

The song is being released via Sydney label TEEF Records which is also the home of incredible artists like Anatole, Yon Yonson and Arthur Wimble.