Vincent Returns To His Trap Roots On New Track ‘Alpha’

He never really left, but with fans begging for a return to the glorious XVII sound Vincent has delivered, going back to those trap roots that help him generate a name for himself on fresh new anthem titled Alpha.

It’s a booming piece of trap music, that very much instills the notion that Vincent is very much capable of recapturing the sound that threw us madly in love with him.

“Going back to my roots with this hard shit. I know a lot of people have been asking what happened to XVII but if this doesn’t show you he’s alive and well in Vincent then I’m not sure what will”

XVII was the alias Vincent previously went under, before changing his name to Vincent. Fans will recall that absolute dynamite flip/rework he produced of Alison Wonderland’s hit U Don’t Know (of which still goes hard), but for those that need a refresher, crank the volume and prepare to sweat because throwbacks don’t get any bigger than XVII’s Wonderland flip.