Premiere: Tobacco Rat Recruits WA Rapper SOMA For Furious New Cut ‘Gangsta’

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/10/2017

Tobacco Rat has taken things to a new level with his latest track Gangsta.

The enigmatic WA producer, known to his friends and family as Jake Steele, is getting ready to take 2017 with a new EP and Gangsta is lifted from it.

The hard-hitting, ferocious track recruits WA rapper SOMA and together they deliver something that is relentlessly aggressive from start to finish.

The track is refreshingly world’s away from his other project making woozy, hypnotising electronic pop with KUČKA.

Gangsta is being released via TRENCH Records, the label run by fellow Aussie producer Moonbase who has waxed lyrical about Tobacco Rat on numerous occasions.

“The majority of this song came about over a day in my Perth studio,” Steele told us about the track.

“I don’t often sit down with a clear idea for a track but that day I had this groove in my head and managed to lock it down, with most of the synth sounds coming out of my Moog Voyager. The vocals came later on, but I had been wanting to collaborate with Soma for a while now and this track just naturally worked for both of us.”

Check it out below.