Robyn’s ‘Honey’ Edges Closer To Euphoria Than Any Pop Song Before It

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/27/2018

Euphoria is a state of mind that we may never truly achieve but if anyone’s going to get us close it’s Robyn.

The Swedish popstar has dropped Honey, the second taste of her forthcoming album of the same name and a song that was previewed in demo form on Girls last year.

Honey isn’t as forthright as Robyn’s biggest hits, instead it takes its time. The beat swirls and gradually gets bigger while Robyn treats us to silken vocals that never need to go bigger.

Each word rolls from the tongue like honey dripping from the spoon and before you know it you’re hypnotised by the joy, sex and melancholy of it all.

It’s a pop triumph and one that’s unlikely to be replicated.