SHY Nodi Has Written Some Huge Hits But Now He May Have One Of His Own With ‘No Vibe’

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/26/2018

You may not have heard of Swedish artist SHY Nodi just yet but you’ve definitely heard some of the songs he’s written.

He’s penned tunes like Mike Perry’s The Ocean, NOTD & Bea Miller’s I Wanna Know and Astrid S’ Bloodstream but now he’s stepped out with a string of solo releases.

His latest No Vibe is the strongest cut he’s dropped yet. It’s a late night, RnB jam that’s got the late night vibe of The Weeknd with soulfulness of dvsn.

It’s driven by a swirling synth-line and characterised by a “woop” in the hook that’s got us returning to it over and over again.