The Interns’ Last Minute Holiday Music Gift Guide

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/13/2018

The holiday season is here and you’re no doubt fed up with trying to think of what you’re going to get for everyone from your sister to that distant friend who guilts you every year by sending a present. Whether your budget is big or small, we’ve put together the best music stuff that you can cop with very little thought.

Stocking Stuffers

A Charli XCX Hair Pin

Go back to 1999 with this essential Charli XCX hair pin that you’ll probably lose within a week. Worth it.

Cardi B Enamel Pins

If you’re more of a Cardi fan then go for the Cardi pin. It’s not going to take much from your Money Bag and, well, I Like It.

An Ariana Grande Tie Dye Mask

2018 was Ariana’s year and you should celebrate by buying someone this mask which will inevitably end with them buying a ticket to Coachella.

A FlexMami Card

If you’re looking for a card that’s cute but also constructive, look no further than the FlexMami card.

Azealia Banks Soap

You’re definitely not going to get this before Xmas as timeliness has never been Banks’ strong suit but if you’re willing to take the risk, her soap is meant to be really very good.

A Little More

The Interns Icons Drawstring Bag

The best festival bag on the market. There’s only a few more left, please buy them so we can make a new one next year.

The Classic Mallrat T-Shirt

This should really be a tax write off as it should be essential for everyone in the country to own one. If you’ve got a mate or family member who has fallen behind and not copped yet, rectify it for them.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

You could pick anything from the Fenty Beauty range and win but this is the latest gloss bomb and it’s an essential. Plus giving money to RiRi is a mood this Christmas.

Tyler The Creator Alligator Belt

Tyler The Creator is a classy motherf***er and this belt is the most classic thing in the Golf range right now. Give to your high-brow friends.

Lily Allen’s My Thoughts Exactly

Lily followed up her excellent No Shame record this year with this brutally honest book. It’s an exceptional memoir that leaves nothing untold.

The Beyoncé Holiday Crewneck

Buying Beyoncé holiday merch should be an annual affair. This is a collectable using some photo she got of herself of Getty Images. Regardless, we need to cop.

Troye Sivan Socks

Ditch the Bonds and go for the Sivan sock look this holiday.

Go All Out

Miley Cyrus x Converse Shoes

We’re allowed to stan Miley again now that she’s redeemed herself with Nothing Breaks Like A Heart. Let’s celebrate her return by copping these exceptionally high Converse.

Nuraphone Headphones

These are the best headphones on the market and you can quote us on that. The Nuraphone is an over-ear headphone that also sits in-ear creating the ultimate sound experience. Once you cop, you download an app that tailors the sound to your ear. It sounds very tech-y but the whole user experience is very easy. They’re giving 20% off right now for Xmas so jump on board.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2

It’s essential that everyone owns a portable speaker this summer so you can play Cardi B’s I Like It within a 5 metre radius of every pool in the country. This is the best one out there. The sound is crisp and the design is sleek.

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable

Chances are you were probably gifted a shitty turntable when the hipster trend took of years ago. It’s time to upgrade to the big leagues with this very minimal, very swish red record player that will look great with Robyn’s Honey twirling around it.