Swedish Pop Newcomer Vera Hotsauce Has Serious Heat On Her New EP ‘Happy/Bad’

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/05/2019

We hate to open another piece like this with a spiel about how the Swedes are miles ahead when it comes to pop but here we are with another example.

Vera Hotsauce is the latest to put herself on the map, making woozy, trap-inspired pop music that actually doesn’t sound like the rest of the pop music coming out of Sweden.

She’s only 18 and yet she’s already been in LA writing with people like Elliphant. The work is paying off as her latest EP Happy/Bad is her best output yet, delivering three rock solid pop songs.

She moves from hard-hitting, icy cuts like Hotsauce to more tender moments like Minute. The latter has massive breakout potential with a chorus that’s instantly likeable.

Put a bookmark on Hotsauce because she’s going to make moves this year.