Dijon Strikes At The Emotional Core On Raw Debut EP ‘Sci Fi 1’

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/05/2019

You may recognise 26 year-old Dijon’s voice from his work in the duo Abhi//Dijon but he’s going it alone at the moment, dropping his debut EP Sci Fi 1.

The project is a 7-song set that at times feels like a collection of sketches purely because of how raw it is. The production is lo-fi and the instrumentation is mostly acoustic, relying heavily on his velvety vocals and stark lyricism.

You’re likely to hear touches of the more intimate moments of Frank Ocean’s Blonde and even elements from Ryan Beatty’s 2018 project Boy In Jeans.

It’s an incredibly impressive EP that’s likely to hit you right in the heart from the first melody.