Fortunes.’ ‘Disc Read Error’ EP Is A Soaring, Fearless Exploration Of Future RnB

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/03/2019

New Zealand-born, Australia-based duo Fortunes. dropped a surprise EP on Disc Read Error, a Beyoncé-like move that you can only pull when you know what you’ve got is really fucking good.

Disc Read Error is exactly that. It’s a near-faultless project from the dup that amplifies everything they’ve already given us. Conor McCabe’s vocals are stronger and more explorative than they’ve ever been while the lyrics are honest and direct.

The lead-singer and title track cruises into the top track of the year so far list. It’s an electro-tinged, wonky piece of RnB that houses this unexpectedly euphoric chorus. McCabe goes to places he’s vocally never been, serving runs that’ll melt your heart almost instantaneously.

We’ve been afraid for so long on this side of the world to go too pop or too accessible but Fortunes. are not afraid to give us something that’s instantly likeable.

The EP never gets as euphoric as Disc Read Error but there are other dimensions that tap at the heart. Braille floats beautifully on a bed of synths while Body Clock brings intense intimacy.

The whole project oozes feeling and confidence even when they’re at their most fragile which is a sign of a group that has found exactly where they need to be. We always knew Fortunes. were capable of greatness but this is so excellent it’s almost unbelievable.