Buried Bops & Bangers: Sky Ferreira – One

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/04/2019

Before Sky Ferreira was a purveyor of dark, alternative pop, she was poised to be one of the next big popstars.

At age 17 she was making pop song that she most likely despises now with some of pop’s biggest writers from Ryan Tedder to Bloodshy & Avant. Most of those have been forgotten and deleted from streaming services but there’s one that still sits there – One. 

While it couldn’t be further away from the brooding, elongated current single Dowwnhill Lullaby, it’s actually a monumental bangers that deserves to resurface again.

Produced by Bloodshy & Avant, the Swedish duo responsible for hits by Brintey, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, it’s a glitchy, thunderous pop song in the same vein as Charli XCX’s You (Ha Ha Ha).

Ferreira actually doesn’t sound like a cookie-cutter popstar either. Her voice has a real bite to it and her charisma shines through above the chopped and screwed production.

“I’m not a robot but I feel like one,” she sings on One, alluding to the trouble she was having with labels and her sound at the time. Just two years later, she found her feet in a major way with the Dev Hynes-produced Everything Is Embarrassing and the rest is history.

Maybe her pre-Everything Is Embarrassing history is forgotten for good reason but on its own, as a solitary song, One is a banger.