CXLOE’s ‘Low Blow’ Edges Her Dangerously Close To The Australian Pop Throne

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/09/2019

When you think of the Australian pop throne Kylie Minogue has sat at the top for a very long time challenged in the past by the likes of The Veronicas, Troye Sivan and Jessica Mauboy but she may have new challenger.

Sydney artist CXLOE has had a stunning run recently continuing it today with the excellent Low Blow.

Low Blow sees her once again serving up intricate, pulsating pop music that rattles the core with its hard-hitting chorus.

There’s no doubt that Australia’s pop scene is having a moment right now but nobody is releasing tracks with as much international promise as CXLOE.

Show You, I Can’t Have Nice Things and Low Blow is a gold standard trio that has been delivered very few times locally.