Isaac Dunbar’s ‘Cologne’ Is Billie Eilish-Levels Of Eerie

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/09/2019

If you’re not around Isaac Dunbar, it’s time we changed that. He’s a 15 year-old popstar in the making, creating finessed, elongated pop music for a new generation.

His latest is Cologne and it’s the most haunting thing he’s ever released. There are definitely hints of Billie Eilish in here, particularly in terms of his hushed, swaying delivery, but ultimately this is its own beast.

It begins intimate, drawing you in before escalating into a chorus that’s likely to usher this song into the ears of many.

Dunbar has been churning out gold at a speedy rate. This is his third release of the year and he’s already garnering major attention with the releases from Zane Lowe at Beats 1.

Expect Dunbar hysteria soon.