Hanne Mjøen’s ‘Strangers’ Is One Of The Sterling Pop Moments Of The Year

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/25/2019

Photo by Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik.

Norwegian artist Hanne Mjøen is about to make a big splash with her new single Strangers.

Mjoøen impressed popheads last year with her breakout single Sounds Good To Me but Strangers has the substance to go even further.

It begins softly, ushering us into the battlezone with a luscious hook before unleashing a thundering beat. Beats of this kind in pop has often been reserved for Robyn but this year it’s spread, notably taking Katy Perry’s Never Really Over and Sigrid’s Mine Right Now to the next level.

It has both the ability to propel or bury but thankfully the songwriting on Strangers is strong enough to withstand. The melody is instantaneous. So much so you’d have to question why any pop fan wouldn’t gravitate to this immediately.

That’s dramatic – yes – but Strangers makes you a little extra.