Donatachi & Slayyyter’s ‘Crush On You’ Is Deliciously Sweet And Wickedly Dark

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/26/2019

Australian producer Donatachi has found his match made in heaven, teaming up with Slayyyter for Crush On You.

Slayyyter is a 22 year-old US artist who has built a cult following with a handful of glossy, ADD pop songs that sit at the most extreme end of Kim Petras and Charli XCX’s world.

Donatachi has found a similar follower but over the past few releases he’s become even bolder with his production and this latest cut is his most wild yet.

It reaches goosebump-inducing euphoria and simultaneously finds a bass-heavy depth that Slayyyter matches with temptation.

It’s a great time from beginning to end but it also shows that Donatachi is becoming an A-grade pop producer with the chops to match some of SOPHIE’s sugary work.