Bree Runway’s ‘Big Racks’ Is A Perfect Oddball Flex

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/18/2019

Put simply, Bree Runway is too good to fail.

The Hackney rapper/singer is dropping some of the most unique hip-hop/pop around right now finding a sweet spot between Tierra Whack and Charli XCX.

Her latest drop Big Racks is a glorious chest-puff that sees her flick between rap and her woozy higher register.

It comes complete with a Brooke Candy verse that’s characteristically left-centre and brings the song to a close as she basically falls off the track.

If you needed more proof that Bree Runway is a superstar in the making then you should feast your eyes on the shot-by-shot perfection of the Big Racks video.

This girl has the aesthetic and musical vision to take it to the top and it’s only a matter of time until she’s a force on a large scale.