Mabel Dishes Another Banger ‘Bad Behaviour’

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/24/2019

Mabel is having an extraordinary year, transferring herself from a bubbling under name to a fully-fledged popstar.

Her latest comes a week ahead of her debut album High Expectations and it’s called Bad Beahviour.

Nabbing a dancehall beat courtesy of Dre Skull, she’s crafted another party tune that deserves to flood radio for the rest of the year.

The best thing about her is that working with songwriters like Steve Mac puts you at risk of falling into the middle-of-the-road British popstar category. Mabel, however, has the personality to make them something memorable.

Don’t Call Me Up and Mad Love are easily two of the best straight-up pop songs of the year and Bad Behaviour may just be joining their ranks.