Caroline Polachek Reaches Ethereal But Uncharted Territory On ‘Ocean Of Tears’ & ‘Parachute’

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/25/2019

We were just waiting patiently for the time that Caroline Polachek came through with some oddball pop and it’s finally here.

We got a taste of it on Charli XCX’s Tears but she properly delivered with Door. Now she’s announced an album Pang and dropped two newies Ocean Of Tears and Parachute.

Danny L Harle has a produced both while AG Cook appears on the credits for Ocean Of Tears but this is no sugary sweet PC Music affair.

Ocean Of Tears is a dark, heavy pop song that’s pulled from the depths by her lofty voice. The bass hits heavy, rattling the ribcage more than any Polachek song before.

Parachute on the other hand, is almost completely bereft of a beat. Polachek lets her voice tread a windy path without destination, taking it to some of its most thrilling places.

Check out both new tracks below.