G Flip Serves Melodic Gold On ‘Stupid’

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/25/2019

G Flip has already gathered an impressive discography with just five releases but she’s added to it again with Sorry.

It’s her most straight-up pop single to date, nabbing a Justin Tranter co-write which means there are plenty of people championing the Aussie young gun right now.

She’s got the most textured, soulful voice and the paired-back production on this really gives her room to wrap around the perfect melody.

It’s not flashy, it’s just a perfectly written song with some A-grade vocals.

We haven’t had something this aimed at the modern pop market come out of Australia and it makes it even more exciting that it’s G Flip doing it. She’s a charismatic, relatable young artist who just keeps delivering.

Next step for G Flip is a debut album About Us out August 30.