Lauren Faith & Kaytranada Set The Mood Right On ‘Jheeze’

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/30/2019

If you haven’t come across Lauren Faith yet, she’s a British singer/songwriter who worked with Kaytranada crafting songs for Craig David a while back.

Now, she’s making waves with her own solo music with Kaytranada co-producing a number of the beats with her. Her latest Jheeze sees the pair team up and it’s clear why they keep making magic today.

Kaytranada’s wobbly, slow-moving soul beats are the perfect backdrops for Faith’s impassioned yet casual vocals. Together, they fall back in the beat into the beat and deliver something that’s effortlessly cool and also classic.

Jheeze may not strike you straight away but it lingers. There’s something about the mood of it that lodges in your brain refuses to leave in a hurry.

Check it out below as well as the rest of Faith’s Cosmic EP.