Mallrat Reaches A New Songwriting Peak On The Emotional ‘Charlie’

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/08/2019

We’ve been following Mallrat since she was a 16 year-old recounting familiar stories with an honest yet youthful sincerity.

She’s 20 now and she’s growing into one of this country’s finest songwriters, becoming more and more vivid as hindsight grows clearer. Her latest Charlie is testament to that growth. It’s a heartfelt moment that dares to reveal more about her than ever before.

Working with producer Big Taste (Dua Lipa, Phoebe Ryan), she’s delivered a sentimental love song that also touches on family relationships.

Vocally, Mallrat is light and present, exuding warmth even when she talks about her relationship with her Mum. She’s exposed but strong, fully aware she controls her own destiny.

For the dog fans out there, the real clincher is the beautiful simile of her dog Charlie waiting for her to get home. There’s no better expression of joy Mallrat pinpointing that is what makes her such a special songwriter.

Her new EP Driving Music is out September 6th and it’s almost guaranteed to win over more hearts.