Velvet Negroni Solidifies His Place As Music’s New Visionary On ‘KURT KOBAIN’

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/13/2019

Velvet Negroni is making the most exciting music of the year and his latest KURT KOBAIN only doubles down on that.

The alter-ego of Jeremy Nutzman is edging closer to the release of his debut album NEON BROWN and this is the latest drop.

A little more straight-forward than its predecessor WINE GREEN, it’s a funky, Prince-leaning cut that avoids explicit comparison with oddball production and unexpected top lines.

Last week, Nutzman appeared on Bon Iver’s new album i, i and he’s also supporting Tame Impala on tour. It’s only a matter of time until the chatter about him is loud enough for everyone to hear.