Dawn Richard Pulls Off Another Stylistic Detour With Her New Tracks ‘Ay Papi’ & ‘Slim Thicc’

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/06/2019

You can always count on Dawn Richard to pop out a masterpiece or two each year and right on time she’s delivered two new songs Ay Papi and Slim Thicc.

While her last project New Breed went back to her R&B roots, these songs look to the future. Ay Papi gives a sweltering take on Latin music while Slim Thicc takes dancefloor into a new era.

Each of the tracks are accessible but there are production and melodic touches that just push them that little bit further – as Richard so often does.

They have also arrived alongside a joint music video which shows off Richard’s dancing prowess alongside some stunning artistic shots.

These songs are supposedly part of a new era she’s referring to as ‘The Neon Era’.