Griff Arrives As A Charismatic New Pop Voice On Her Debut ‘The Mirror Talk EP’

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/15/2019

If you haven’t heard of Griff yet you’re about to hear a lot. The Mirror Talk EP is the British newcomer’s debut project and it sounds far too accomplished for that start of her career.

Signed to Warner by the same team that nabbed Dua Lipa, she’s only just finished school and stepping straight into pop stardom.

The Mirror Talk EP has Griff’s handprints all over it. It’s a minimal pop project that introduces us to her personality immediately.

She’s self-produced two of the songs on the EP (Sound Of Your Voice and Didn’t Break Enough). She’s also been making her own clothes for the visuals.

Even when there’s others involved, we don’t lose sight of Griff from the perky Paradise to the introspective Moment.