Every Song Off Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ As A Star Sign

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/12/2019

Camila Cabello‘s sophomore record Romance is a dramatic, emotional and turbulent look into the world of love. It’s hyperbolic at times and earnest at others, covering all that phases of love and loss. As a way of delving deep into its themes, we’ve split the songs across the star signs so we can drag some of you as lovers and lift up the rest.



Aries are fiery and impulsive lovers. They can be full on in love and there’s nothing more intense than singing, “I love it when you call me señorita.” They’ll keep you coming back because they dedicate all their attention to you until it looks like it’s going wrong and then they’ll drop you like a hot potato.


Dream Of You

Taurus’ are loyal lovers. They will love you like you’re the only one in their universe and they’re likely to show you in actions rather than words. On Dream Of You, Camila’s lover is the only thing that’s in her mind and she declares, “I’ll love you always.” What a promise.


Living Proof & Bad Butterflies

There are two sides of Geminis. They like to be thrilled and excited and there’s nothing more like that than a love that renders you unable to breathe as Camila says in Living Proof. On the other hand, boredom sometimes lead to a wandering eye and Geminis have been labelled the most likely start sign to cheat – something which is being contemplated in Bad Kind Of Butterflies.


First Man

The album closer of Romance sees Camila dedicate everything to her man. Cancer’s aren’t afraid to express their emotions and get deep in their feelings. They open up easy and this is Camila pouring out her heart, holding nothing back.


My Oh My (Feat. DaBaby) & Cry For Me

The fiery Leo wants their romance to be notable. They want to feel like they’re in a fame-worthy relationships and it’s got to be playful and flirty. My Oh My is about a forbidden romance but DaBaby and Camila are excited by it. On the flip side, when it ends Leo’s aren’t afraid to show you exactly how they feel. They want you to “cry for [them]” and feel every last damn inch of it.



Shawn Mendes is not a Virgo which means Camila is surely singing about someone else on Easy. Virgos will always be there for you. They are loyal and loving and they’ll do little things to show you that they care. A kind of ideal lover, tbh.



Libras are liars. Sorry, but apparently there’s no denying it. On the remix for Normani’s Motivation, 21 Savage raps, “I’m a Libra they say all we do is lie,” so it must be true. Do we need to explain why this song is perfect then?



When Scorpios fall in love they fall hard. They’re ready for intense lovemaking and intense conversation and they’re going to chase you down for it. Shameless is exactly that. It’s more of a demand than a conquest with Camila singing, “Right now, I’m shameless/Screamin’ my lungs out for ya.” If you think this is intense, wait until the breakup.


Feel It Twice

Sagittarius have a problem with commitment. They’re independent and while they’re not afraid of a relationship, they’re likely to not offer up all of themselves in a relationship. On Feel It Twice, Camila has decided she’s not 100% into it and she’s moving onto another relationship. “Can’t imagine the pain that you feel when I kiss his face,” she sings which is just an incredibly brutal line to address someone with.


Used To This

Capricorns are good lovers. They’re reliable and loyal, willing to give over everything. Used To This has Camila giving into everything she thought she hated like tequila and San Francisco simply because she wants to be with. That’s Capricorn-level commitment.


This Love

Aquarius’ are friendly and generally in love with everything so it’s difficult to tell if they’re into you exactly. In a breakup, there’s usually a nonchalance to their reaction. They love being in relationships but you’ll usually never see those emotions come out as they bury them deep down. “Fuck this love,” Camila sings, showing the coldness and detachment that Aquarius in love are known for.


Should’ve Said It

Pisces are a very accepting bunch and if they’re going to dump someone it means they’ve really been fucked over. If a Pisces walks out it means that they’ve been left with no other option and Should’ve Said It talks exactly about the sort of person who would do that.

Full disclosure, I have no experience in astrology so apologies if I offended your star sign. I am an Aries though, so I have no remorse.