E^ST Masters The Emotional Banger With ‘Flight Path’

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/20/2019

E^ST is fast becoming this country’s Robyn by delivering sad, danceable moments and she’s done it once again with Flight Path.

It’s the second taste of her forthcoming debut album and follows on from TALK DEEP. While TALK DEEP had a a certain cool to it, Flight Path holds nothing back, giving us heartening keys and direct lyrics (“I don’t know where you sleep anymore.”)

Flight Path starts out small but it eventually expands into a dancefloor-calling chorus as the beat throbs like a yearning heart.

Once you get to the end of it you’re not quite sure how to feel. There’s a certain euphoria to the instrumental but melancholy to the lyrics that’s hard to ignore.

As long as you’re dancing, it doesn’t really matter.