Rapid React: Dixie Chicks – ‘Gaslighter’

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/05/2020
Dixie Chicks

We have the capacity to support one country artist a year and this year it will be the Dixie Chicks (unless of course Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Orville Peck or Joanne release something and then we’ll expand). The iconic trio have returned with new music after 13 years unleashing the title track of their forthcoming album Gaslighter.

Co-written by Dixie Chicks alongside Jack Antonoff, it’s a very direct middle-finger to an ex that feels like it’s figuratively pointing it at a much larger group of people. This is the group that condemned the Bush administration and faced unprecedented levels of abuse. It feels somewhat comforting that they’re back to their outspoken best as we face the second Trump-involving US election.

Gaslighter is a stomping, militant country song that highlight’s the group’s unique ability to pack a melodic punch in their harshest moments. Natalie Maines sounds as good as ever and the harmonies, in the chorus particularly, are rousing. We’re hanging out for a gentler moment to really hear them on display but they needed this in-your-face return.

Best Part: Maine’s voice in the final bridge is delicate and still flawless.

Worst Part: We are not brave enough to cross the Dixie Chicks honestly.

Best Lyric: “Acting all above it when our friends divorced,” is such a vast and pointed character description.

Worst Lyric: For a song using a word as trendy as “gaslight” we thought there would be more clichés but there really aren’t.