The Best Demi Lovato Singles, Ranked

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/10/2020
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has returned with I Love Me, her triumphant comeback single, so it’s time to look at the moments that have defined here. Here are sterling moments of Lovato’s ever-evolving career.

15. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again was Lovato’s first song outside of the Camp Rock world to reach the top 20 in the US and signalled her proper arrival as a popstar. Keeping with the pop/rock antics of the time, it’s a high-octane pop song with a chorus that very few vocalists could pull off.

14. Confident

A risky move to put this 2015 favourite so low but it feels like the most abrasive of her recent singles. It’s a strong, militant-like track that places Lovato’s confidence front-and-centre but rarely does it showcase the best aspects of her voice.

13. Neon Lights

Lovato was surprisingly one of the few popstars who avoided the EDM-pop trend but Neon Lights was a brief entrance. It’s an anthemic, euphoric moment with big-room synths that should’ve been played in every club around the world. Instead it barely scraped into the Top 40 in the US. We did her dirty.

12. Heart Attack

The lead-single from 2013’s Demi signalled that Lovato was on a roll. She was able to keep with the trends of the pop world while still injecting her own bit of oomph into it. Heart Attack demonstrates that. It sounded like the rest of the acoustic-guitar-led pop going around at the time but her intensity makes it magnetic.

11. Anyone

Anyone felt like less of a single aimed at the charts and more of a necessity for Lovato herself. One of her most admirable qualities as a public figure is that she deals with all her trials and tribulations with the utmost honesty. To stand on stage at the Grammys and sing this with just a piano takes gobsmacking bravery. Anyone is a simple ballad but Lovato’s delivery is goosebump-inducing.

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10. Don’t Forget

Lovato’s voice sounds good when she’s taking it to the limits but some of her best moments have come from tapping into its fragility. Don’t Forget is by far the best song off her 2008 debut of the same name. It’s a slowly escalating pop/rock song that shows an incredible amount of restraint. Anyone who grew up in the ’00s has to respect that rock drop at the end too.

9. Sober

Given what happened, it’s somewhat difficult to go back and listen to Sober – the intimate, vivid ballad Lovato dropped in real-time in 2018. Over the past few years Lovato has shown that she’s best when she’s vocally raw and even though this is hard to listen to it’s a stunning act of bravery. Opening the song with, “I got no excuses,” is really something else.

8. Give Your Heart A Break

Now we’re entering banger territory. Give Your Heart A Break from 2011’s Unbroken showed that Lovato was establishing herself as a must-hear on the pop scene. It’s an ’80s-tinged moment complete with dramatic strings and a chorus that may just be the most delectable of her career. “Don’t wanna break your heart/Wanna give your heart a break,” is a brilliantly extra pop hook too.

7. Body Say

After Confident, Lovato seemed to be at her most secure in her popstar role. Body Say is the work of a star who was exploring the musical stylings that her voice best worked in and taking risks lyrically. Body Say is one of the few RnB-leaning numbers she’s ever delivered but her voice sounds syrupy. It’s 84 placing on the charts is quite frankly criminal.

6. I Love Me

A hasty ranking for the newbie of the class but early listens of I Love Me are registering well. The best thing about I Love Me is the way it flicks between the light and heavy, battling between empowerment and darkness. Lovato doesn’t pretend to have an immediate fix for her mental health issues and that kind of stark honesty is what makes this, and so many of her songs, enjoyable.

5. Cool For The Summer

Without a doubt the most extra song on the list but also one that’s almost impossible to dislike. Taking cues from Katy Perry, Lovato upped the neon and gave us this strange and horny moment. It flicks effortlessly between rock and ’80s pop showcasing Lovato’s diversity in the space of 30 seconds. Some may say, “die for each other, we’re cool for the summer,” is a bit much for a pop song but we say it’s just enough.

4. Stone Cold

Nobody would’ve argued that Lovato had a weak voice but on Stone Cold she kicked into another gear. A whole new dimension to her voice opened up as she explored some of its rawest parts. Just when you think she can’t go any bigger she manages too, singing lines like, “If happy is her, I’m happy for you.” And if you have questions about her ability to do it live, the answer is below.

3. Tell Me You Love Me

Everything worked on Lovato’s last album Tell Me You Love Me. Her voice was stronger than it had ever been, the music was right for it and lyrically, she was daring. Tell Me You Love Me is a bold, weighty song that very few popstars have the presence to pull off. Lovato bodies it, pouring every inch of her soul into it. She always sounds like she’s fighting for something – Grammys, love, herself – and it turns out that’s quite magnetic when joined by horns.

2. Skyscraper

Lovato knows her way around a ballad and Skyscraper was one of the first indications of it. She’s always been a warrior for self-empowerment even when it wasn’t “trendy” and Skyscraper is a fine example of it. “Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper,” may have even more pertinence to her now than when it was released. This is a towering moment from an artist who has constantly bounced back stronger than before.

1. Sorry Not Sorry

“Feelin’ like a 10, the best I’ve ever been,” is Lovato’s *nail-painting emoji* moment and it feels so good. It’s no surprise that Sorry Not Sorry is her most successful single ever. From start-to-finish it just feels good. There’s a vengeful side to it but mostly it’s just about being on your bullshit and feeling yourself. People who had paid no attention to Lovato in the past looked up when Sorry Not Sorry came on. It was impossible to ignore and it still is.

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