Rapid React: Little Mix – ‘Break Up Song’

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/27/2020
Little Mix

Little Mix are beginning another ’80s-tinged era with their new single Break Up Song.

Their last album LM5 showed the cracks in the group for the first time. The US-aimed release tapped into an urban sound that stripped us of the euphoric moment they’re known for. The album produced one hit despite attempts to launch others.

It seems they’ve recognised and rectified their actions and it’s straight back to bombastic pop. To be fair, it’s the right time for it. Dua Lipa and The Weeknd have both turned the tides offering bold pop moments and Break Up Song follows in that path.

It’s a glossy, neon track that falls somewhere between the liberating energy of Shout Out To My Ex and the perkiness of Black Magic. Euphoria and heartache is exactly what fans want from the best girl group in the world and they serve it in droves here. It feels effortless and while it’s not breaking any new ground, it’s one of their most enjoyable singles in years.

Best Moment: The post-chorus is a big sweet spot.

Worst Moment: The whole concept of singing about a break up song has been done to death hasn’t it?

Best Lyric: “For all the times they screwed us over,” is a classic LM lyric.

Worst Lyric: “Let it play on and on and on,” is a little dry for a hook but they make it sound exciting.