Rapid React: Haim – ‘I Know Alone’

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/30/2020

We’ve been raving about the new dimensions Haim have been exploring on recent material and they’ve unlocked another on I Know Alone.

The new song, plucked from Women In Music P.III, may be the biggest detour yet, exploring an experimental electronic sound. The three Haim sisters worked on the track with Ariel Rechtshaid, Rostam and Buddy Ross. It’s their usual stable of collaborators but the sound is hypnotic and subtle, far removed from the usual immediate pop licks.

It won’t hit you as immediately as the punchy previous single The Steps or rip your heart out as much as Hallelujah but it has a slow allure. Danielle Haim’s vocals are sublime as she’s matched by dizzying vocal samples. Harmonies were once a tool of power for the girls but here they’re intoxicating, wafting in lightly.

Like on Now I’m In It, Danielle gets personal, singing about her fight with depression. This willingness to tap into raw topics has unlocked new potential for Haim and it’s resulting in their best material ever.

Best Moment: That beat drop towards the end of the song paired with the vocal sample is so wonderfully unexpected.

Worst Moment: On first listen you’ll find the chorus lacklustre but repeat listens give more.

Best Lyric: “Screaming every word of “both sides now”,” leads to visions of Love Actually and that’s absolutely a compliment.

Worst Lyric: Honestly, there isn’t one dud.