Hear a heartbreak on JJ’s new track ‘dean & me’

jj - dean & me

Swedish duo JJ have released dean & me, the second track from their forthcoming album V. It follows the RnB flavoured All White Everything and sees them appropriate Miley Cyrus‘ line “it’s my party and I cry if I want to it’s my party I get high if I want to”. Apart from that, it’s got zero similarities to We Can’t Stop. Like most JJ songs it’s heartbreakingly tender but it also has a rather stark backbeat that kicks up the tempo. The album, V, will be out 19 August.



Hear Chance The Rapper re-work the Arthur theme song into ‘Wonderful Everyday: Arthur’

"Chance The Rapper"’s avatar

Chance The Rapper has been performing the theme song of Arthur live for a while now but today he’s set free a recorded version titled Wonderful Everyday: Arthur. He’s pulled in a couple of high profile guests to help him too with Jessie Ware and Wyclef Jean among the extra vocalists. As such, the gospel-flavoured take on the track has a loved-up communal feeling. It’s hard to believe that a re-work of a TV Show theme song would be as affecting as this but it’s delivered with so much heart it’s hard not to get swept up in it. What’s next? Sponge Bob Squarepants?



Hear Shy Girls’ ‘All For Show’ produced by Jono Ma from Jagwar Ma

Shy Girls- All for Show (produced by Jono Ma)

Aussie band Jagwar Ma‘s debut, Howlin’, last year may have not exactly screamed RnB but Jono Ma does a valiant job at producing this future RnB gem by Shy Girls. Hailing from Portland, Shy Girls is producer and vocalist, Dan Vidmar. This track, All For Show, was premiered by Red Bull Sound Select and it’s bass-driven yet smooth cut. Vidmar’s voice is smooth and layered seeing him sit somewhere between MNEK and inc. If his voice sounds familiar it’s probably because you heard it on Cyril Hahn’s Perfect Form last year.



Hear FKA Twigs’ ‘Pendulum’, her favourite song from her album

FKA Twigs has dropped the second taste, Pendulum, from her debut album, LP1. Premiered by Zane Lowe, Twigs describes it as one of her favourite tracks off the album and it’s easy to see why. As the title suggests it’s a gently undulating track pushed by sporadic beats and vocal coos. She has a knack for finding melody in the most innovative of spaces. Can we just leave the best album of the year slot open for this London singer now? We’ll get to see if the album is as good as presumed when it’s released on 8 August.


How To Dress Well: What We Learnt from Splendour in the Grass 2014


As the dust settles over North Byron Bay Parklands; the port-a-loos loaded on to the back of unfortunate trucks and the festivities of the weekend replaced by abandoned tent pegs and forgotten cigarette butts, it’s fair to say there’s only one thing on your mind as you try to shake that three day hangover and realise you’re not as young as you once were: next year’s Splendour. While you sit at your desk, reminiscing about all the fun you two shared, and lamenting the demise of your brief, whirlwind romance, consider this; the best way to get over someone, is to get right back under someone else. So instead of waiting and wishing for Splendour in the Grass 2014 to call you and say come home, why not jump straight into bed with Splendour in the Grass 2015, his mysterious, seductively aloof cousin, who will hold you at that irresistible arm’s length for another year of teasing and hinting, promising big things and last-minute cancellations. When it finally comes time for you two to meet after a prolonged internet relationship and a rumour-mill in overdrive, you’ll want to put your best foot forward and dress right for the occasion. Here we’ve complied a fail safe guide to dressing for your first date with Splendour 2015 as per this year’s standout stars.   


Andre 3000 proved that trying to maintain a blow dry is simply unnecessary labor amidst festival conditions. Ditch the 20 minutes spent in front of a mirror taming your mane in favour of a hides-a-mulititude-of-sins wig. This will let Splendour know while first impressions and personal appearance are a priority of yours, they do not detract from valuable time that could be spent roaming the festival looking for friends or in pursuit of elusive phone reception. 


While greeting Splendour itself is a three day affair, it comes sandwiched between sideshows, interviews, pre-parties, after parties and traveling nonsensical hours to reach the far corners of this inexplicably large country to party with to comparatively small (yet equally awesome) crowds. The last thing on ones mind is selecting which party pants go with which ill-fitting crop top or which mini-skirt covers just enough ass without appearing prudish. Solution? The humble jumpsuit. Donned by the likes of OutKast’s Andre 3000 and Grouplove’s formidable leading lady Hannah Hooper over the weekend, the jumpsuit saves time and energy when it comes to dressing for the Splendour stage. Consider it your one stop shop. Slimming and sexy, go tight and shiny a la Hooper or get ready to race a la Andre.

Tight and Bright

Put Simply, Lily Allen and Kelis killed it over the weekend. Why? Was it because of their undeniable vocal ability and shared status as comeback queens? Perhaps. Was it because of their killer bodies and the unexpectedly large crowds they each drew? Maybe. Or was it because, when all is said and done, the two divas donned tight and bright attire like it was 2006, when we were all at our prepubescent best, running around flushed from a game of spin the bottle at yet another Tight and Bright themed party? I vote the latter. When greeting Splendour 2015, why not mix up the standard leather and lace hippie-for-the-weekend fair in favour of some neon highlights, and can’t-hide-no-VPL Lycra.


When you meet someone for the first time, it’s more than likely at some point words will fail you. Be it because you’ve momentarily got lost into their glassy beer goggles, or simply because the awkward small talk has run out, when the words are gone, a slogan t-shirt is your saviour. Make like Andre 3000 and have what you’re thinking about emblazoned your chest. 


Splendour stars know better than most that, as you stand above the crowd, staring out over the masses while 10s of 1000s of people belt out your lyrics and willingly kneel at your throbbing feet, it’s only polite to give them something to focus on as they lose their breath trying to match your lofty falsetto. Enter the statement shoe. Any girl worth their weight in Sex and the City quotes, and any guy worth their limited edition Yeezus Nike (Or was it Adidas?) trainers, knows shoes are where it’s at. Consider Sam Smith stomping about in his quintessentially British brogues, or Kelis teetering atop Back to the Future style barely-there gold wedges or Mark Foster bringing back the socks and loafers like a Jackson incarnate. It’s fair to say statement footwear is a festival fashion must… Unless of course it’s Hunter Gumboots.


Look, if you’re going to meet Splendour in the Grass for the first time and the idea of wearing a synthetic wig while jumping about in a jumpsuit selected from a palette of flamingo pinks and obnoxious oranges and stomping around in impractical footwear overwhelms you, you can always take the safe road, disregard all that has been said thus far and wear a simple, yet timeless suit like Big Boi or Yacht Club DJs


The producers behind the biggest popstars


It may surprise you, but Rihanna, Miley and Katy Perry are not the only ones in the studio penning and producing their hits. Below we take a look at the biggest, best and most promising producers in pop music today.

The Heavy-Weights


The man that almost need not be mentioned. Over the past year, Pharrell has reboosted his credentials, stemming from a feature on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. Since then he has released a solo album, Girl (and a fragrance) which reached number one in Australia and the UK and has had a worldwide number one single by way of Happy. Originally as part of The Neptunes (with Chad Hugo), Pharrell produced hits for All Saints, Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Kelis, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg…can I stop now? In the past year alone he’s produced tracks on Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz, Beyonce’s self-titled record, Kylie’s Kiss Me Once and Ed Sheeran’s X. While we may want to forget about it, he also produced Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.

Go to for: Funky, minimalist RnB tunes

Best production of 2014: His own track, Hunter

Career Highlight: Gwen StefaniHollaback Girl

Max Martin

Martin Sandberg (aka. Max Martin) may not be a name you’ve heard much of but he’s behind some of the biggest pop tracks of all time. The Swede has produced hits for Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and N’Sync but he is still just as relevant today. Recently he’s had writing and production credits on Katy Perry’s Roar, Ariana Grande’s Problem and Justin Bieber’s Beauty and the Beat just to name a few.

Go to for: Big, anthemic pop moments

Best production of 2014: Ariana GrandeProblem

Career Highlight: The Grammy-winning Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Greg Kurstin

Greg Kurstin was a member of 90s alt-pop trio, Geggy Tah and is now a part of The Bird and The Bee but he’s undoubtedly better known for his work as a pop producer. The producer was attached to Kelly Clarkson’s mammoth Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) and also worked on Lily Allen’s debut album, Alright, Still and the following two, It’s Not Me, It’s You and Sheezus. Since then he’s worked with Kylie, Sia and Kesha. His work on more alternative works from Lykke Li, Tegan and Sara and The Shins indicate how multi-faceted Kurstin is.

Go to for: Melodic pop songs with an alternative tinge

Best production of 2014: SiaChandelier

Career Highlight: Ellie GouldingBurn or Lily AllenThe Fear

Dr. Luke

Lukasz Sebastian “Luke” Gottwald also known as Dr. Luke made a name for himself as Saturday Night Live’s house guitarist but since then he’s become one of the world’s biggest producers. Hits like Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl, Pink’s Who Knew and Jessie J’s Price Tag all have Dr. Luke’s fingerprints on them. More recently he gave way to Miley’s mammoth Wrecking Ball and Katy Perry’s Roar. It’s safe to say that Dr. Luke is one of the most demanded men in pop music right now. He also runs Kemosabe records which hosts the likes of Katy Perry, G.R.L and Kesha.

Go to for: Huge choruses

Best production of 2014: Nicki Minaj- Pills N Potions

Career Highlight: Surely being a part of Miley Cyrus’ Party In The USA

Benny Blanco

Benjamin Levin has been producing since 2007 and as such has collected an extraordinary amount of credentials. Beginning as a rapper, Blanco was mentored by Dr. Luke before producing tracks for Britney Spears, Jordin Sparks and Katy Perry in 2008. We’ll forgive him for working with Vanessa Hudgens and 3OH!3 because he’s produced songs like Rihanna’s Diamonds and Kesha’s We R Who We R and they are kind of pop gold. Of late, he’s been working with British producer, Two Inch Punch as BenZel.

Go to for: Big, radio friendly pop tunes

Best production of 2014: Jessie WareTough Love (as BenZel)

Career Highlight: RihannaDiamonds

The Sound of the Moment

Dev Hynes

Devonte Hynes is a chameleon. He’s performed as Lightspeed Champion, is now Blood Orange and produces under his own name. While he hasn’t had any huge chart success, his work as an alternative pop producer and given way to a funky, throwback sounds that is permeating non-mainstream pop. Originally producing for Florence and the Machine he went on to work with Solange on her 2012 True EP which gave way to Losing You. In that same year he produced Sky Ferreira’s Everything is Embarrassing which took her from being a wannabe to a cult hero. More recently he’s worked with Kylie and produced for the original Sugababes now known as Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

Go to for: Throwback alternative pop tunes

Best production of 2014: KylieCrystallize

Career Highlight: SolangeLosing You

Ariel Rechtshaid

Formerly a member of The Hippos and Foreign Born, American producer Ariel Rechtshaid has made a name for himself with glossy alternative tracks. He worked on Usher’s career-best Climax and has since worked with Sky Ferreira, Vampire Weekend, Charli XCX and Justin Bieber. Two of last years best LP’s, Haim’s Days Are Gone and Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time were produced by Rechtshaid.

Go to for: A bit of direction while still retaining your personal shtick

Best production of 2014: He hasn’t done a lot this year yet but rumour has it he’s working on Madonna’s next album

Career Highlight: UsherClimax

Mike Will Made It

Some of you may know him as the name mentioned at the start of Miley Cyrus’We Can’t Stop but he’s far more than that. Michael Len Williams II is one of the most sought after producers at the minute for his brand of hip-hop/pop crossover. In the past year he’s produced for Jay Z, Ciara, Mariah Carey and of course, Miley as well as releasing his own solo material. His latest track, Buy The World features Future, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne.

Go to for: Melodic hip-hop RnB tunes with pop hooks

Best production of 2014: FutureMove That Dope

Career Highlight: CiaraBody Party

The Up-and-Comers

Two Inch Punch

As indicated before, Ben Ash (aka. Two Inch Punch) is one half of BenZel with Benny Blanco but he’s also done some pretty impressive stuff on his own. He had a big part in the success of Sam Smith, producing Nirvana and the UK number one single, Money On My Mind. He also produced Life Support off his debut album In The Lonely Hour. He’s also recently produced Rudimental collaborator Becky Hill’s track Caution to the Wind. If you’re an aritst attempting to oscillate between the alternative and the mainstream it seems you should look no further than Two Inch Punch.

Go to for: A less obvious take on pop music

Best production of 2014: Sam SmithMoney On My MInd

Career HighlightSam SmithMoney On My Mind


LA producer, Shlohmo is probably best known for his remixes and original tracks but as a producer he’s proving to have some serious chops. You only have to listen to No More, his collaborative EP with Jeremih, to realise that his balance between electronica and RnB is unparalleled. While that EP doesn’t have a lot of mainstream appeal, his production on BANKSBrain most certainly does.

Go to for: Skittering RnB

Best production of 2014: BANKSBrain

Career Highlight: Jeremih- Bo Peep


Noel Fisher, otherwise known as American producer, Detail may have been producing since 2007 but last year was the best year of his career. 2013 saw him producer Beyonce’s Drunk In Love and Jealous while also waving his magic over Drake’s Own It and 305 To My City. Brooding, smokey RnB/Hip-hop tracks seem to be his flavour which is perfect because it seems to be everybody’s flavour right now. This year he produced Jennifer Lopez’s criminally unrecognised, I Luh Ya Papi.

Go to for: Mid-tempo Hip-Hop/RnB that breathes

Best production of 2014Jennifer Lopez-I Luh Ya Papi

Career Highlight: Beyonce- Drunk In Love (Feat. Jay Z)


When Beyonce’s self-titled album came out at the end of last year, BOOTS (aka. Jordy Asher) was an enigmatic, unknown producer. He signed a publishing deal with Roc Nation in June 2013 and produced eight of the 14 songs on Beyonce including Drunk In Love and Partition. Since then he’s released a mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall but hasn’t had production credits on anything else. Surely, most artists in the world are clamouring to work with BOOTS.

Go to for: Genre-pushing RnB

Best production of 2014: His own track Howl/ Your Move

Career Highlight: BeyonceDrunk In Love


Azealia Banks returns with ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’, her first track since splitting with Universal

Heavy Metal And Reflective - Azealia Banks

It may surprise you but people are still talking about Azealia Banks. Maybe it’s because 212 still plays at least twice every night or maybe it’s because she still continues to generate headlines with her erratic behaviour. The latest thing to grab the media’s attention was her split with record label Universal after she asked them to drop her via twitter. Heavy Metal and Reflective has just dropped and it’s an industrial and bold track which is actually one of her better tracks. Her voice is slightly reserved yet you can tell that she just wants to unleash The fact she doesn’t shows that she may have learnt something. Less is always more.



Swedish/Australian duo Kate Boy unleash ‘Self Control’

Self Control

Stockholm-based trip, Kate Boy (whose lead-singer Kate Akhurst is Australian) released the bombastic, Northern Lights in the middle of last year and then virtually left us for an entire year. It was cruel but we’ll forgive them because today they have dropped Self Control from their forthcoming debut album. It’s a bass-driven pop track with a funky chorus that harks back to Janet Jackson‘s Nasty days. Swedish pop never fails to disappoint and with Australia a musical cultivation ground at the moment, it make total sense that this trio would be churning out such gold.



Take a candy-filled trip with SOPHIE’s ‘Lemonade’


Enigmatic British producer, SOPHIE, has released a new track, Lemonade and it’s total ear candy. Following last year’s brilliant, Bipp, Lemonade come from a 7″ single that also includes another new track, Hard. Like her past endeavours, the track is a mind-bending, genre-warping musical expedition. It bubbles and cascades with crystalline clarity before escalating into a pop hook. It’s sugary sweet, weird as shit and likely to take you a little time to come around to. Give SOPHIE that time and she/he will reward in droves.



First Impressions: SBTRKT, BANKS, Jessie Ware + more


In the midst of the Splendour in the Grass weekend bender we found some time to sit down with a few new tracks. Here’s our slightly sleep-deprived reactions to those tunes.

Jessie Ware- Share It All

Bianca: It reminds me of Intro by the xx. It’s really dreamy, it lulls you into a dream state. It could be on repeat and I wouldn’t realise.  4                        

Lizzie: it feels soft and whimsical. I feel I’m floating away on a cloud with it. It’s not too sickly sweet though. 4    

Sam: her voice is extraordinary. It just floats when she holds those notes. Romy’s co-write is also very evident. It has the same sparseness that the xx do and that does wonders for Ware’s voice.  3.5

HannahHer voice. It just floats and lingers. It pitches and ungulates so smoothly over the sparse, can’t hide nothing, melody. It’s got a really welcomed breathy quality complimented by her RnB grid. Admittedly, it errs on the repetitive, slightly predictable side but let’s be honest, if you’re listening to this song you probably have other things on your mind. So sexy. 3


SBTRKT- New Dorp. New York (Feat. Ezra Koenig)

Bianca: It’s weirdly wonderful. I love Ezra’s voice and it’s good to hear it accompanied by something so different. It’s a great mixture of chaotic percussion and funky guitar that drives a subtle groove. 4.5 Bianca’s Pick

Lizzie: I don’t love Ezra’s talking voice on this it sounds a little bit like Flight of the Concords. But I love everything else about it. I feel that it would be crazy in a club.  4 Lizzie’s Pick

Sam: I thought Temporary View was way too safe so I am suitably thrilled that this one takes huge risks. That female vocal under Ezra’s voice is so New York chic. It’s very pretentious but done so well that it’s hard not to love. Wildly chaotic yet comfortably familiar.  4.5

Hannah: This is a totally new sound for SBTRKT, and a totally welcomed one at that. The licking bass and subtle, building percussion is irresistibly catchy, while the chorus brims with perfectly selected samples just long enough to remind you that this isn’t all funk. It’s a great way to reintroduce his new album, especially after that blip of a release last month. New York, New York! 4


BANKS – Beggin’ For Thread

Lizzie: With all due respect to BANKS I feel like it fits in a Mandy Moore teen flick. It’s a bit teenie-bopper for me.   3.5  

Bianca: I’m with Lizzie on the 90s vibe but there’s an RnB vibe that’s much cooler than Mandy Moore. The broodiness of Drowning is there but this time it feels like she can breathe a bit better. The creeping quality is sexy. 4

Sam: This is her most forward pop moment yet and it’s brilliant. She’s so dark yet so so alluring. It’s great to hear a sound so consistent but also daring. The man who did BANKS wrong has done us all a favour.  4.5 Sam’s Pick

Hannah: This is a perfect example of how sultry, sexy pop should be done. The lyrics are hard hitting and belted with the type of confidence that comes when you’re being so bad it’s good. The breakdown that crescendos into her final chorus is impeccably placed, securing Banks as one to watch. Hannah’s Pick


Ryan Hemsworth- Gods (Feat. UV Boi)

Bianca: It’s got nothing particularly distinctive about it other than giving me false hope that I recieved a few messages. In saying that it would be a fun addition to a dj set as a filler song. 2

Lizzie: there’s artists that use real sounds and others that use it in an annoying way. It’s like hearing a siren in a song when you’re driving. I thought it was going to go somewhere but it didn’t for me. 2.5

Sam: From the computer age straight to my heart. It’s got a PC Music quality to it and I love how he uses unconventional sounds to create melody. At this point, Hemsworth is one of electronic music’s most important names. This further proves that. 4

Hannah: Ryan Hemsworth can do no wrong. That effortlessly melodic intro, glitchy samples and surprise drum solo is the perfect introduction to what is a track perhaps ever so slightly less whimsical than what we’ve come to know him for. While playful and full obscure samples, this track has march, pace and guts, at times teetering on the side of too much but pulling right back before it falls. 3


Rustie- Attack (Feat. Danny Brown)

Bianca: I like it. But I couldn’t listen to it on my own. I’d rather hear it in a club. I think I’d get low. But not that low. Medium low.   3.5

Lizzie: I really like this song. I think it would be much better live with a crowd of people. I love Danny Brown’s flow. 4

Sam: I just got smacked in the head with a bat and then thrown in a monster truck. This one goes so hard. Rustie and Danny Brown are a great pairing but I’d need anti-anxiety pills to hear this again.  3

Hannah: This is has the guise of being something you’d happily get low to in a dark club at 3am, before you quickly realise it’s just a cheap imitation and a headache waiting to happen. 2


Joe Goddard- Endless Love (Feat. Betsy)

Bianca: Hot Chip can never do anything wrong in my eyes. I liked the slow build and the 90s vocals but it didn’t have much body to it. 3.75

Lizzie: I really liked it. It wasn’t too weird to annoy me and it was interesting enough to keep me occupied. I could get lost on the dance-floor to this. 4

Sam: I found this alarmingly annoying. I like the one part where Betty got to sing a full voice but her chopped and screwed vocals had me clenching my teeth. Surely he could have done something more with that mediocre beat too. Love Joe usually but not today. 2

HannahI really don’t want to say this. But is anyone kind of bored? As far as lounge music goes it’s great and there’s some really crystalline moments, like the flickering “endless love,” vocal and the percussive samples that sneak in underneath that, but otherwise… Snooze. 2.5




10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


For those of you not at Splendour in the Grass this weekend, here’s a playlist of the best songs of the week so you can sit in an isolated room and contemplate your decision-making processes. For those of you who are, let this be your soundtrack to hungover breakfasts, late-night boogies and long, sun-drenched car trips.

Listen to our Soundcloud playlist over here.

SBTRKT- New Dorp. New York

“It’s a funny sort of song” says SBTRKT and he’s exactly right. Unlike the formulaic Temporary View, the first single from SBTRKT’s forthcoming album is as unconventional as they come. New York ambassador Ezra Koenig joins the producer for the most inconic tribute to NYC since Jay’s Empire State of Mind. A female vocal runs underneath Ezra’s reminding us that this is British house music after all. Meanwhile SBTRKT lays down steel drums and pulsating drums to create a weird yet groundbreaking track.


BANKS- Beggin For The Thread

It’s becoming very clear now that BANKS’ debut album is not going to be sunshine and rainbows. Begin For Thread is another angsty track from the London songstress yet it ups hate tempo from her previous outputs. It’s the most immediately likeable thing she’s done yet while she retains that brooding darkness that has captivated us from the very beginning. Basically we’d like to thank the guy who fucked over BANKS because he’s made way for one hell of a record.


Shura- Just Once

Shura’s Touch is still one of the most quietly brilliant songs of the year and her follow-up track does not let down. Shura floats through mellow synths and claps, singing “we can get lost”. We accept your invitation, Shura and are currently floating right there with you.

Grand Pavillion- Weightless

Brisbane steps up once again, producing budding singer/producer Grand Pavillion. Weightless is from his EP Secrets and is doing some seriously great things to our ears. It’s a sparse, twinkling tune lifted by layered vocals. For a new artist it’s a masterfully textured and dynamic affair that should make sure his EP gets heard by more than just a few listeners.

Jessie Ware- Share It All

Share It All is the second track to be lifted off Jessie’s forthcoming album, Tough Love. It’s another Julio Bashmore production and is also co-written by Romy of the xx, so basically it’s a dream-team. The mellow number sees Ware croon through beats reminiscent of the xx. It may not be as immediate as Tough Love, but Ware’s Sade-esque vocals never fail to impressive.


Chrome Sparks- Losing You

Chrome Sparks is in Australia right now and in celebration he’s dropped a new track, Losing You. Not to be mistaken for the Solange classic, Losing You is a deep brooding track with a soulful vocal sample. Given his midday Splendour set time this one may be the most appropriate for his set. It sounds as if it’s been injected with sunshine in preparation for a morning warm-up. Loosen those vocal chords.


Rustie- Attack (Feat. Danny Brown)

When a Rustie song plays, you know that shits about to get real. From his forthcoming album, Green Language, Attack is the very definition of shit getting real. Rustie sounds the sirens and drops the beat while Danny Brown goes completely bonkers.


Hudson Mohawke- Chimes

Talking about shit getting real, let’s move onto the new track by one half of TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke. Chimes is a mongrel of a track built around huge brass-filled drops and shattering bass. It immediately demands your full attention and you should definitely not be embarrassed if when it comes on you yell “oh, yeah this is my tune”. It’s all part of the Hudson Mohawke experience.


Kimbra- Miracle

That Kimbra, she’s a perky one isn’t she. Miracle sounds like pure joy- a get-up and go anthem, the likes of which have not been seen since Break My Stride. She’s “rising up” on the track and sounds unstoppable. Think Prince, think Janelle Monae and think all things positive. If someone’s bringing you down, get right in there face and let them know through the best way possible- an ‘80s funk boogie.

Jungle- Time (Lxury Remix)

For those heading to Splendour this weekend you’ll be hearing the original of this aplenty but this remix by producer Lxury does a nice job of renovating the funky track. There’s a certain weightlessness to this track by way of its airy synths and subtle treatment of Jungle’s original vocals.


Listen to the Soundcloud playlist here.