the interns’ Best Songs Of 2016

2016 has been a devastating year for many but amongst all of it, perhaps as a response to what’s gone on in the world, music has risen above and given us one of the best years in recent memory.

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Are You Ready for Porter Robinson’s “Worlds” Down Under?

Porter Robinson developed a live show in 2014 that shared the title of his breakthrough album also released that year. Worlds has been performed across numerous continents, and is touted as one of the best examples of live mixing coupled with some of the most insanely ethereal visuals going around. It has also been the centre of massive controversy, with Robinson cancelling several shows in Germany, France and Finland throughout 2014 based on the fact that the venue wouldn’t suit the gravity of the show. Although this caused uproar at the time, Porter’s fan base remains intensely loyal, especially in anticipation of his tour to Australia later this year.

In 2013 the 22 year-old made the trip down under off the back of his hugely successful 2012 EP Spirfire, but performed as a DJ only. Last year he returned with Worlds, but to the dismay of his huge Aussie fan base his performances were limited to a few shows for EDM dance festival Stereosonic. This year he’s back; not only playing at Splendour In The Grass but bringing his much anticipated live show to a number of capital cities (supported by local boys Wave Racer and Cosmo’s Midnight), also in July.

You may have heard Worlds in its pure form as an audio journey, but you’ve never heard Porter Robinson like this before. Over the last few months a dude called VGD has got his hands on and uploaded numerous remixes of surprisingly accurate live versions of various songs from the show. The choons below will give you just a small taste of what to expect from Porter’s live show. Enjoy, and prepare your bodies for Porter Robinson…

Porter Robinson’s Worlds Tour Dates:  

Wed 22 July | Enmore Theatre, Sydney | Tickets

Thu 23 July | Forum, Melbourne | Tickets

Fri 24 July | Splendour in the Grass | SOLD OUT


What To Expect From Splendour In The Grass 2015 Based Off Coachella


Splendour In The Grass‘ mighty lineup, released yesterday, basically covers off nearly every International artist doing the festival circuit overseas right now. One festival it shares a number of its acts with is Coachella, which has just wrapped up its first weekend. We were there (did you hear?) so we thought we would take you through a few of the acts that played there and are also playing Splendour as a loose guide of what to expect. Find below videos, setlists and a short recap of each of the acts’ performance to help you get pumped for Byron Bay in July.

Florence + The Machine

Florence and co made their huge festival return at Coachella armed with a bunch of new songs from their forthcoming third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Off that album they performed the title track, the lead-single What Kind Of Man and Ship To Wreck proving that the new songs have just as much strength in the festival arena’s as the well-established favourites. If Florence proved anything at Coachella it’s that she’s one of the best-suited festival performers in the world lighting up the stage with boundless energy and plenty of climatic moments. It seemed she might of gone a little too hard out of that gates as she broke her foot while leaping from the stage. It seems she will be back to full health by Splendour so expect her at her best. Also get ready to remove an item of clothing when she politely asks during Dog Days Are Over. Florence is back and festivals feel right once again!

Her Splendour 2015 headline set may differ a little from Coachella given that the album will be out by then but many elements will remain the same. If you dare to peek watch the video below.

What the Water Gave Me
What Kind of Man
Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris)
How Big How Blue How Beautiful
All This and Heaven Too
Drumming Song
Ship to Wreck
Shake It Out
Dog Days Are Over

Tame Impala

Just like Florence + The Machine, Tame Impala‘s Coachella set was a much-welcomed return to the mainstage. They’re gearing up for a new album titled Currents and played two of its tracks at the festival – Let It Happen and ‘Cause I’m A Man. Their set delivered much of the same as we saw last time around except this time it feels like they understand that they’re becoming one of the world’s biggest bands. Frontman Kevin Parker was still bare-footed but he spoke to the crowd between every song and his vocals were on-point. Backed by a psychedelic backdrop they ran through a set mainly consisting of songs from Lonerism. Elephant was gifted an extended drum solo while Apocalypse Dreams closed the set in euphoric style. Don’t expect any frills for their Splendour set. This is a band that dazzles purely off the strength of their own songs. They also entered to Can You Feel The Love Tonight which was an odd but inspired move designed to hook the crowd from the early moments.

No release date has been set for Currents yet so it’s unknown whether we will have heard it before Splendour but regardless there should be a few new songs sprinkled through the set. Their oldies are brilliant but the new singles have an extra grunt to them that elated the Coachella crowd.

It Is Not Meant to Be
Why Won’t They Talk to Me?
Mind Mischief
Let It Happen
‘Cause I’m a Man
Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Apocalypse Dreams

Peking Duk

Peking Duk know how to bring the party wherever they are. There’s no denying that. Their songs have a euphoric energy that translate for any audience which is why their set at Coachella was so successful despite them being less known in the US than in Australia. During their set in Palm Springs they brought out Ben Woolner from SAFIA for a rendition of their track Take Me Over, which they also did at Splendour In The Grass last year. This year, however, expect the response to be 1000x bigger. Since them the track has reached number five on triple j’s Hottest 100 and the top ten of the ARIA Charts. American audiences loved Peking Duk, but it will be hard to compare it to a mighty Splendour set in their home country.

They also played a new song at Coachella which featured Woolner on vocals once again. Hopefully they give us a studio version very soon so we can sing the hell out of it at Coachella. Watch a very rough version of it below.

Ryan Adams

It should be well known by now that Ryan Adams is a trustworthy performer. You won’t get many tricks but you will always get a good, solid performance and that’s exactly what he delivered at Coachella. His fourteenth album was released last year and his Coachella set featured a smattering of songs from that record and a few old favourites including set closer Come Pick Me Up. His brand of alternative-country is the type that Americans lap up so it will be interesting to see how the response differs in Australia. No matter the style though there’s nothing like a heartfelt chorus to spark a spine-tingling singalong. He’s just the artist Splendour needs to ground people after all the electronic music puts them in a sugar high. This will mark only his second solo tour of Australia.

Gimme Something Good
Let It Ride
Stay With Me
This House Is Not For Sale
Dirty Rain
Blue Light
Magnolia Mountain
When the Stars Go Blue
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Come Pick Me Up

Porter Robinson

Coachella’s dance music Sahara stage has become one of if not the most popular stage at the festival. Porter Robinson has played the stage before but as a DJ, this was his first turn their with his newly created live show launched of the back of his debut album Worlds. Visuals and sound combined the show was a revelation in many ways. The stage had hosted EDM DJs for the majority of the day but none stimulated quite like Porter did with his glitchy, video game-inspired, cinematic set. It was bass-heavy and completely danceable but also at times moving. There’s really no other producer doing what Porter is doing at the moment, walking the line of EDM and intelligent electronica, and hopefully he’ll be able to capture that at Splendour on a stage with less bells and whistles than the Sahara.

Sad Machine (Song of Storms & Easy & Anamanagushi Remix)
The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
Sea of Voices
Fresh Static Snow
Say My Name
Fellow Feeling
Hear the Bells
Goodbye to a World

Azealia Banks

You could say it’s a risky move for Splendour to book Azealia Banks again. Last time she played, in 2012, she delivered only a 20 minute set. When she came back to play Future Music Festival she feuded with nearly the entire lineup backstage and when she returned once again for Listen Out Festival she stormed off stage twice (in Melbourne and Sydney). If Coachella taught us anything though, it’s that Azealia Banks means business. Gone are the antics, and instead there is a performer that has something to prove. Last time we saw Banks she was accompanied by just a DJ and two dancers. The dancers are still there but there’s now a full band behind her, helping her deliver a hip-hop show like no other.

Her Coachella set was energetic, fierce and well thought out. The crowd may not have been as familiar with her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste as they were with 212 but it didn’t matter. Every song popped in the right places and it truly felt like Banks’ whole vision had come to life. If you saw her last time and wrote her off, you’re going to want to give her another chance.

Idle Delilah
Gimme a Chance
Heavy Metal and Reflective
Ice Princess
Chasing Time
Yung Rapunxel
Miss Amor
Nude Beach a Go-Go

Alison Wonderland

You’ve gotta love a producer who uses her Coachella set to drop unreleased music by a fellow Aussie act, Cosmo’s Midnight. As well as dropping tracks from her own brilliant debut album RUN, that’s exactly what Alison Wonderland did. She’s an artist who seems to be really proud of the Australian scene from which she was born and also exemplified how much the Americans are loving Aussie electronic right now. She drew a respectable crowd at Coachella and stepped out from behind the decks a number of times to directly hype the crowd. If Coachella proved anything it’s that it won’t be long until she’s away from Aus a lot more often catering to her continually growing fan base. Don’t take her Splendour set for granted.

Australia is only just being properly introduced to . Her track with Major Lazer, Lean On, has burnt up the charts and has probably done better here than anywhere else in the world. She was in Australia over New Years but Splendour will really feel like her introduction to Australia. Essentially at Coachella, she was there to hype the crowd into hysterics. She crowd-surfed, screamed and danced with everything she had on stage. It was only a six song set but it featured One More with Swedish artist Elliphant. Elliphant is also playing Splendour In The Grass so maybe we should expect a repeat meeting live on stage in Byron.

Walk This Way
Waste of Time
Don’t Wanna Dance
One More (with Elliphant)
Lean On

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson Delivers Another Incredible Remix

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Porter Robinson teased Aussie fans by only choosing to perform his perfectly amazing live Worlds show in a one-off gig at Stereosonic last year. For those who missed out, he’s back this year, having just been announced as a headliner for Splendour In The Grass 2015, and has timed the release of a brand new remix perfectly.

Nero’s latest album came out only a few months ago, and Robinson has already used his god-like hands to create a remix of their track The Thrill. There’s a lot to love in this remix, with melodic synth-lines and eargasmic drops sounding nice and similar to a lot of the stuff we loved on his debut LP Worlds. Get around it, because this guy is an absolute prodigy.


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